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Convert to PDF

Generate high-quality PDF
without any hassle using the power of AWS Lambda
What you get?
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No Request Limits
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Up to 2GB of file size
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No Queuing
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Webhook Support
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Parallel Conversions
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S3 Storage Support
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24hr Expiry Time
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Privacy Control
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Usage Statistics
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99.99% High Availability

Convert URL & HTML to PDF for free using Pdfbix

Disclaimer Images will not be loaded on our open API. For full features, signup for free.
Only pay for what you use
How it is calculated?
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We charge a fix amount of Rs. 80/month
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Rs 0.00012/1KB of data converted
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Rs 0.00002/1s of cpu time used
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Rs 0.08 for each fake or invalid request to convert to PDF
Example: If you convert 1000 PDF files per month of 1MB each taking 10 seconds for each conversion, this is how your bill will be calculated.
(1000 Files * 1024 KB * Rs0.00012) + (1000 Files * 10 Sec * Rs0.00002/sec) + 80 = Rs 203.08
Cost Estimate
Number of PDF
Average Size of PDF
1 MB1 MB1 GB
You will pay
₹ 449.24

Read some FAQ

How does Pdfbix work?
We use Puppeteer and AWS Lambda to run a headless chrome and print your content to either convert webpage to PDF or convert html to PDF.
Do you offer a free trial?
On your new signup, you will receive credits worth Rs 20 which can be used to test our services. Once they are utilised in conversions, you need to recharge your account wallet.
What subscription model you offer?
Our pricing is plain and simple. At the starting of every month, we will deduct Rs 80 from your wallet. Remaining amount can be used to consume our API to convert HTML to PDF.
What happens if I don’t have suffcient credits?
If you do not have enough credits for us to deduct monthly fix charge, your account will still remain active but you won’t be able to generate PDF until you recharge. We follow prepaid model, so you must ensure that you have minimum amount in your wallet to use Pdfbix API.
What about Refunds & Cancellation?
Sorry, but we don’t have any refund policy. We charge you Rs 80 every month which is bare minimum. If you wish stop using our services, you can either stop recharging, disable applications or simply delete your account.
Are generated PDF files secure?
Yes. You can either download your PDF over secure HTTPS channel or choose to save them on AWS S3. By default, we store generated PDFs on our storage for 24 hours. You can also choose to link your own S3 buckets to save PDFs.
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